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a Turn Based Strategy game • in Warhammer 40,000 • for Mobile & tablet

Play the faithful digital version on mobile & tablet of the famous tabletop miniatures game, Battlefleet Gothic, set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. In this turn based strategy game of epic spaceship battles, use strategy to manage your warships through the system, protect the Imperium, improve your gigantic fleets and annihilate the Tyranids before it's too late...

The Tabletop Game on Mobile

Mobile strategy

Turn Based Strategy game

Play the faithful version of Battlefleet Gothic from Games Workshop, the closest adaptation of the turn based strategy tabletop game on your mobile


Based on Shield of Baal campaign

In accordance with the original story, relive the immense battles in the grim darkness of the Warhammer 40,000 Shield of Baal campaign as lived from space

Game mobile

Free update included

Choose between Imperial Navy, the Blood Angels Space Marines, the Tyranid Hive or the new Flesh Tearers fleets. New map campaign is also included

Multiplayer pvp

Versus mode

Compete against players in online multiplayer mode
or in local with the Hot seat mode

Campaign map

Campaign mode

Manage your fleets through the map and achieve the numerous missions to protect the Cryptus system


Improve your fleets

Upgrade your ships and progress with your officer by earning new skills, ships and weapons

Command your fleets in the W40K universe

Solar system Cryptus, 41st millenium.

The Tyranids razed the Vitria system and are now heading towards Baal. The Hive fleet Leviathan progresses inexorably, ready to ravage a new sector of the galaxy.

Unable to lose Baal, the forces of the Imperial Fleet, Astra Militarum and Adepta Sororitas, assembled and prepared to assault the enemy. Unfortunately, this wasn't enough to counter the voracious enemy who overwhelmed the defences and orbital barriers... Within minutes, the bulk of the Imperial Navy fleet in charge of defending the Cryptus system was destroyed and Admiral Julius van Avacor died.

Your only hope is to resist until the arrival of the Blood Angels Space Marines. It is now your duty to reorganize the scattered squadrons and continue the fight against the Tyranid invasion. Move your fleets through space, push the Shadow of the Warp gradually expanding and beware of the Tyranid vanguard, they won't hesitate to use vicious strategems.

Select from around fifty warships to build your ultimate army. Customize your fleet with weapons and special improvements you can won by successfully finishing missions.

Play it on your mobile & tablet

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